VC LogoSo… an update is in order. First off, you may have noticed I’ve not been posting on here at all. That’s because I’ve started, with my friend and fellow writer Katie Lynn Daniels, a group blog called Vaguely Circular. We’ll have a post (or two) every week– whether from one of us, the third member of our team (Alex Costello), or a guest blogger. Go check it out and subscribe!

And in writing news, I’ve changed the release schedule for SHRAID. This comes about partly as a result of writer’s block, and partly as a result of my not wanting to release a book before I’m sure it’s the best I can do, both of which have slowed down the process of creating book two. And yes, with the new schedule I will be releasing more books in a shorter period of time, but I have the remainder of this year to get ahead. This should work.

In other SHRAID news, I’m mapping out my plans for the end of next year (yes, there will be an omnibus), as well as working on a pair of stories which take place after the series and which will probably feature Floyd from Supervillain of the Day. After those stories, though, I won’t be doing any more with SHRAID. I have bigger and better things in mind….

And one final update: most of you didn’t know before now, but my family is going to be moving to Texas this Winter. Meaning soon. Meaning I have packing to do. We’ll see if this interferes with my schedule, but I’m going to try my darndest to make sure it doesn’t.

About Joel A. Parisi

Joel Parisi began writing at the age of twelve, and has never stopped. Over the past four years, he has developed an intricate alternate world of allegory, high fantasy and science fiction with three distinct languages and a history spanning 7,800 years; it is this world in which he most commonly writes. He currently lives in Tucson, Arizona with his family and a large library.

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