Vaguely Circular

Have you heard the news yet? Author Katie Lynn Daniels and I have (in addition to collaborating on a supervillainous world) launched a group blog! Vaguely Circular is the name, and the mission is to aid aspiring writers in their creativity.

For this month, we’re running a blog marathon: one post per day for the entire month. We’ve got quite the lineup, so come over and check it out (and be sure to subscribe while you’re at it. There’s a convenient box in the sidebar).

I’m posting this today because today is when my post on unique magic (specifically in urban fantasy, but applicable to all fantasy) goes live. If you’re at all interested in writing fantasy, check it out.

We hope to see you there!


About Joel A. Parisi

Joel Parisi began writing at the age of twelve, and has never stopped. Over the past four years, he has developed an intricate alternate world of allegory, high fantasy and science fiction with three distinct languages and a history spanning 7,800 years; it is this world in which he most commonly writes. He currently lives in Tucson, Arizona with his family and a large library.

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